TRIBUTE 4 : Extraordinary + Extravaganza

Tribute yang terhasil adalah 100% original daripada penulis. Dilarang mengunakkan sebarang teknik utk copy n paste yg begitu giat berleluasa ketika ini. As u know “original is always worth than copy” thus create ur own.

Sebarang kesilapan mohan maaf dipinta. Hanya sakadar tujuan penghargaan dalam bentuk hiburan sahaja. Fakta yang diperoleh berdasarkan pengalaman penulis bersama si TRIBUTE sepanjang pengenalan kita. Kepada mereka yg tidak terpilih maaflah kerna penulis juga manusia yg x sempurna dan perlukan ruang serta masa utk berkarya. So, enjoy.

Axhar Manywokaq

Azhar Issue Creator


Based on above title what do u understand ?? lalala

first and foremost i would love to say sorry if there have so many mistake on this posting since im start using my super duper broken heart-ed English. woHOHO.

Enough Guessing, cause i bet u can find the answer for sure.

This posting referring to a man who labeled his work under the name Fiuzz Hafiz works”.

Yum .. yum .. he was a dedicated, committed to the work and he is everything.

sometimes, he identity and ketrampilan beyond the actual age. Wat the hack, right? Hehe.

He could do something even though sometimes it is impossible to implement. All work is done with a great care. He studied marine, but he was also so great in other areas. It is clear he is not focused just on one skills.

Frankly, here I want to make some special recognition. every job that I do, ( any kind of work, especially the challenging on), I would compare between me and him. Most of the time I will ask myself, “Why he can do and why do I not? “ soklan poyo.

Fiuz also able to turn into mad and extremely crazy man since there is no situations that force him to be serious. Sometimes funny sometimes it becomes even not be. Haha.

he essentially has its own identity without copying any person. What is clear, he is not Calang-Calang people because he is the most popular people among student and staff.

I’m sure that everyone agrees and comfortable while making friends with it. Who else >>

--------------------Hafiz Fiuzz Saini-------------------

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